President Rose Falco

My Color is Royal Blue

My Theme is - "I Choose Joy"

Dear Members,    

Welcome to a new year for the Camp Hill Woman’s Club.

I am humbled by your confidence in me.  I look forward to serving you as your president this year.

I have chosen Royal Blue as our color this year as this signifies triumph and energy, which is evident in everything you members do throughout the year.

Our fundraisers

  • Bingo
  • Italian Night
  • Fashion show

raised over $6,000.00 last year are proof positive of your caring.

With these funds we were able to assist many charitable organizations. In addition to these fund raising events, you have devoted time to numerous acts of community service. 

I have chosen Joy as the theme for our new year: 

  •  I see Joy in the faces of children as they receive the toys we provide.
  •  I see Joy in the faces of battered women as they receive counseling and protection they need.
  •  I see Joy in the faces of animals as they are nurtured and given a loving home.
  • I see Joy in the faces of all those less fortunate as they are given the necessities of life.

 You have made all these things possible through your generosity and hard work.

 Thank you

As we go forward, let us all have Joy as we continue to serve.

Your President,

    Rose Falco  

Board of Directors

President- Rose Falco

Vice President- Jocelyn Erway

Recording Secretary- Maryke Clark

Corresponding Secretary- Joy Cruttenden

Treasurer- Amy Barrick